Digital – case studies

Case_01 | Information system for automotive company


The challenge: Quasar Electronics was growing fast. Their technological products became very succesful in automotive sector. With increased amount of new business partners, clients and subcontractors, an urgent need arised: to reorganize access to sensitive informations and to set a new approach to manage the company's interaction with external world.

The methodology: I spent over a week in client's office, following the key workers with their daily tasks, to map all the internal processes. I have also created a set of polls for all the workers. Then I combined all the acquired data into giant master diagram. This was the base for further programming. It took over 3 monhs for my team to code an online information system. It was a highly personalized CRM. Then we reorganized thousands of informations and other content (files, product specifications, installation manuals, drivers, diagrams, internal schemes)

The result: In detail, each partner, installer, client, diagnostic station obtained separated access to certain information, according to configurable access matrix. From global point of view, data management became bilingual and fully automated. It significantly improved the information flow and drastically increased the speed of client service.  Soon the system became the main tool for the company. We continued to develop the system for next five years.


Case_02 | Advertising website for industrial company

Refreshing the image on the web and creating a new website for an industrial company Miltom.

The challenge: People from Miltom contacted me asking for help in refreshing their image on the web and creating a new site. From the product point of view the products that they offer are the static industrial objects with strictly technical application. To distinguish them in any particular way seemed the challenge. 

The methodology: I started by talking to the staff members to reveal key company values. They were mostly engineers focused on their work. I was looking for ​​any advantages, that could distinguish them from the competition and could be in any way significant, from the point of view of their clients. 

Market advantages: It soon came out that they use an unique technology of construction. The technology they invented allowed to simplify of many formalities. By extension came reasonable reduction of costs and possible achievement of an extraordinary pace of work. They had all the potential, yet still were looking for better ways to sell it. 

The solution: I decided to warm up their (strictly technical) image, by introducing elements of human touch. Nevermind the technology - in the end it is always communication of humans to humans. A simple vision came to me: the image of people, who just work and build industrial things. I shot a simple short video and photos. The movie was the glance of company's work and the objects they build. We shot using basic lighting, camera slider and drone, which we later remastered. But I also wanted to express their engineering perfection. So we prepared few animations extra. Project seemed to be half way done. Another challenge that I recognized was the information flow. So we created and programmed specialized formulas for company's cooperators, to improve exchange of data. In the meantime I shoot photographs of the staff. We also reorganized some part of documentation of company and decided to publish it in an updated way. 

The synthesis: The last task was to combine all the pieces - film, pictures, informations with programming. In the visual layer I used CAD blueprints with some parallax. And the job was done. The result can be found at